Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast

This class is starting on Coursera beginning October 21, 2013. It's the same material but new, remade lecture videos targeted for on-line learning. This Open Climate 101 moodle site has suffered some bit rot resulting in lost images, and while I'll try to straighten it out its future is unclear. If you're interested, look for us on Coursera!

Three thousand non-science major undergraduates at the University of Chicago have taken this class since 1996, and learned the science behind the forecast for a human influence on Earth's climate. The story combines physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth and atmospheric science.

The content of this class is now being served to the internet world at large. You can watch video lectures followed by quizzes to stimulate your understanding, and work your way through tutorial exercises letting you get hands-on with interactive models and simple mathematical ideas. You can work at your own pace, on your own time. You don't get University of Chicago credit, but it's free, and if you complete the exercises you can download a certificate of accomplishment signed by me.

"Just wanted to say thank you for the great opportunity to be in your global warming class. The class lived up to all the great reviews that I received from my peers. I have always dreaded science classes but never felt too intimidated this quarter and my interest was consistently kept." -- student from Fall, 2011.